Mozilla recently proposed to block cookies by default on their Firefox browser. This proposal brought many cheers from internet users looking for more security while they browse the web. This proposal also brought a bunch of gulps from small business marketers, publishers, and third party ad companies.

Marketers and the like need the information these cookies provide because it allows us to know your browsing habits so that we can best deliver ads that you will respond to. If Mozilla and all the other major web browsers adopt this proposal of blocking cookies by default, it will keep this information from reaching the people who depend on it.

JASE Inbound Marketing Provides Measurability Without The Help Of Cookies

Cookies are helpful little tools in the advertising world. JASE uses the information they provide to help with our marketing initiatives. The keyword here is “help” and that is beneficial for our clients because it is not the sole method to determine where and when and why potential customers are online. The JASE inbound marketing model provides us measurability and data analysis that is not dependent on web browsers.

What does this mean for our clients?

Regardless of the future changes in technology, we will be able, in almost real time, to measure ad campaign effectiveness and deliver the maximum ROI for your business.

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firefox blocking cookiesimage credit: mars! on flickr

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