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We’re Going Digital!

Are you letting the cool technologies drive your ideas? The best campaigns are always idea-driven and consumer-focused, and then the medium falls into place naturally. [more . . .]

going digital

Guidelines for Building Smartphone Websites for Google

Portions of this series of articles on mobile website development may get a bit technical. If you start to glaze over while reading the rhetoric, just know that we have your back. Our team is all over what it takes to make you successful in the world of serving smartphone and tablet users.

Details of Google’s Smartphone-Optimized Recommendations:

  • Responsive web design is a hip, new term on the Internet. Essentially, responsive web development is a technique for making one set of HTML code service multiple devices within the same URL. Only the behind-the-scenes CSS code will change.
  • Websites that redirect users of different devices to a separate set of HTML & CSS code but within the same URL is a recognized method.
  • Websites that have separate URLs for different devices is another recognized method. [more . . .]

JASE Mobile Website Design

JASE Group is Proud to Announce Two Successful Website Design Launches

As our engine keeps firing on all cylinders, JASE is proud to announce the launch of two new websites – a desktop & tablet website and a mobile smartphone website – for The Apartments at Spence Crossing.

The launch of the Spence Crossing Apartments’ two websites are a part of The Dragas Company’s digital initiative to provide up-to-date new site build information, apartment models’ floor plan diagrams and feature sets, and a secure online tenant application form for the public, and make them available from any device on the web. [more . . .]

The Apartments at Spence Crossing mobile collage

Benefits of Working with a Local Web Design Company

The Internet has made communicating with people all around the world very easy. We have cool technologies like Skype and Google+ Hangout and the old-faithful, email. Many companies providing web design and copywriting services come from faraway places only reachable through Skype and Google+ video chats. And many of those remote web development companies have no idea of the challenges of local markets that a local web design company would understand. [more . . .]

think local

Are You Advertising? And More Importantly, Where Are You Advertising?

Mr. Business Owner / Ms. Decision Maker, I feel for you – you have to wear many hats. At times you’re the accountant; at times you’re the stock boy; at times you’re the sales associate. But more importantly, at all times you have to keep your eye on the bottom line and where your next client will come from.

We used to be able to advertise by the book. If you had the budget, call in the ad agency and dial up a cool concept for a billboard, newspaper ad or even a radio spot. If you had a smaller budget, you could partner with the Yellow Pages or sponsor a Little League team. [more . . .]

we love advertising

Mother’s Day in Colonial Williamsburg. Where has JASE taken you?

Sticking with our Colonial Williamsburg theme for the weekend, we celebrated a fun Mother’s Day this year on the lawn at the Governor’s Palace.
@ Williamsburg, VA
Thanks, Suzanne, Nicole, Ann, Simon & Leesa. [more . . .]

Saying Hello from the Governor's Palace in Williamsburg

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