Sorry I’m so late getting the update out this morning. We have an evening photo shoot with a client today so I’m a little behind getting started. Our weekend: our granddaughter Jeri stayed with us for part of the weekend. She’s always a hoot! We hit the Greek Festival on Saturday afternoon and then on Sunday I was able to almost catch up on #MadMen on the DVR. Did you watch the Mad Men series?

How was your weekend? Tweet me here and let me know. I love hearing from you guys each week.

Monday, May 11th

  • Cameron continued his very effective content marketing work for Janney Insurance Agency in Yorktown and Chesapeake, Gordy EyeCare in Phenix City, and also for Mark Pressed4Time in Hampton.
  • I met with our photography partner, Alvin of A.Tatum Photography, and Cameron in Hampton on Monday to discuss an upcoming shoot for The Dirty Buffalo restaurant. We have several photo sessions coming up in the next few weeks so we’ll be seeing Alvin regularly for a while.
  • Denise and Cameron delivered the first draft of new ad concepts for Nathan’s Lynnhaven Pawn Shop in Virginia Beach.
  • Our sys admin guys worked on server configurations, JASE CMS, and JASE Office Apps installation for the new Andrea’s La Bella in Ghent restaurant website.

Tuesday, May 12th

  • Our creative team was very busy this week working on architectural sitemaps for the Andrea’s La Bella in Ghent, First Choice NursesIggles Cheesesteaks & Burgers, Janney Insurance Agency, Philly Style Steaks & Subs, and The Dirty Buffalo website redesigns.
  • David held a software development project status update conference call with Mark of TRL, Inc. in Covesville.

Wednesday, May 13th

  • Cameron worked on more content marketing items for Janney Insurance Agency.

Thursday, May 14th

  • Our developers worked with Karla at Hampton Mental Health Associates to update their website’s downloadable patient documents.
  • We launched a new social article, Wanna See Some Really (No, Really!) Cool Facebook Ads? ( showing off some of our recent creative work. Have you taken a look at JASEGALLERY.COM lately?
  • We received draft approval on business card designs from Peyton at First Choice Nurses in Virginia Beach & Richmond. Denise has done really nice work on this rebranding project.
  • Cameron and I met with Andrea & Marti at Andrea’s La Bella in Ghent to talk through their upcoming photo shoot.
  • Nicole and I went back to have dinner Thursday evening at Andrea’s La Bella in Ghent. Oh my gosh–so good!
  • Walt delivered draft art of a site plan and exhibit board for a new Dragas Companies condominium community in the Western Branch area of Chesapeake.
  • Both Philly Style Steaks & Subs and The Dirty Buffalo signed off on the sitemap diagrams for their respective website redesigns. Movin’ forward . . .

Friday, May 15th

  • We launched a new social article, Bing Highlights Mobile-friendly Search Results ( Yep, we keep up with all things SEO. You can rely on us to be your experts.
  • We received final sign-off on the sitemap diagram for Andrea’s La Bella in Ghent website redesign. Again, movin’ forward . . .
  • On Friday evening, Jeri spent the night with Poppie & GCole. Oh man, we have so much fun with her in the house.

Saturday, May 16th

  • Nicole and I stopped by to visit our buddies at O’Connor Brewery in Norfolk [where we ran into Kevin of Coelacanth Brewery] before meeting our friends Mike, Christy and Jane at the Greek Festival. So much good food under one tent should be illegal.

Sunday, May 17th

  • Sunday was a nothing day. And I mean, I did nothing. I spent the day [almost] catching up on #MadMen on DVR.

Be sure to stop by the studio for coffee this week. I’d like to see you.

Keep your chin up, your eyes bright, and your ears open–you never know when a juicy bit of knowledge will come flying at you.

Your friend in Christ,

JASE in Destin FL at the Gulf of Mexico
Nicole took this photo while we were vacationing in Destin, FL on the Gulf of Mexico
Where has JASE taken you?

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