capture trafficYou’ve heard the local social media “guru” talking about setting up your Facebook page. And you’ve heard the neighbor’s kid talk about kickin’ it on Twitter and Foursquare. You understand there are millions of people in social communities these days but one question still lingers in the back of your mind – What can social media do for my business?

There is a very simple answer to that question – lead generation! Quality lead generation, built on consumers or potential clients wanting more and more of your content.

Social communities have nearly taken over as the leading source of traffic to our JASE website. Our social media friends are visiting our blog in droves looking for additional information on branding, lead generation, inbound marketing, ebusiness solutions, creative web design, and tech support.

Social media marketing can help your business generate more, quality leads. Share links to great content on your blog. Share links to webinars or videos on your website. Instead of sending potential customers to or or, send them to your website where you control 100% of the content, can guide them through the pages on your site to a call-to-action webform, and can completely control your brand that they will experience.

A simple marketing takeaway is, use social media as a net to lead the traffic (to your website) that would have otherwise known nothing about you.

Photo credit: geoprimary on Flickr.

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