What defines your business’ inbound marketing plan? Is it a fusion of traditional marketing strategies with today’s online marketing strategies? Can the results be measured across all advertising channels?

If your business’ inbound marketing strategy is strictly online, you’re missing out. If your business’ inbound marketing initiative can’t measure your traditional marketing campaigns as well as your online marketing campaigns, it’s incomplete.

Online marketing is not inbound marketing. Online marketing is a large part of inbound marketing, but where many businesses fail in their inbound marketing strategies, is that it stops at online tactics. For a business to maximize its marketing ROI, it must effectively fuse traditional marketing and online marketing.


There is still a place in the business world for traditional print media. Depending on your industry, your target demographic may respond well to a direct mailer. Where inbound marketing fuses with traditional marketing is how you incorporate measurable online tactics with your direct mailer.

The direct mailer with just a phone number gives no measurable way to determine how effective the campaign was, unless your receptionist screens every call she receives, and even then the numbers may not be accurate.

Take that same direct mailer and incorporate a dedicated landing page URL, or a QR code, or both –  now you can measure the effectiveness of that direct mailer.


In a tough economic climate, every dollar spent is at a premium. A business must know how effective their marketing strategies are in order to maximize sales and expenditures. To accomplish this, a business must be using an inbound marketing strategy that fuses traditional marketing with online marketing in 2012 to be successful.

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