JASE QR CodeQR Codes, you’ve seen them all over the place, on billboards, in magazines, on the web, but do you know what they are? Do you know what QR Codes can do for you?

QR Codes, short for quick response code, is a specific matrix barcode that is readable by dedicated QR readers and by most of today’s camera phones. QR codes contain selected transferable information. Whether you simply want to send a link to a particular website or your contact information, a QR code can do it quickly and efficiently.

What has caused the explosion of QR Codes into today’s society?

The growth of the mobile web has been the catalyst of these 2D/1D pixilated images.  The Smartphone segment is getting faster and more complex by the minute and more data is available to the consumer than ever before. QR codes bring a new dimension of interaction with brands like never thought previously.  Because of this phenomenon more companies are dedicating larger portions of the advertising budget to this technology.

If you are interested in QR codes and how the can be a part of your advertising, contact JASE Digital Media today to set up a meeting.

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