JASE Marketing Manager is a lead management system, a contact management system, and a communication messaging system wrapped into one sophisticated, yet very easy to use, package.

JASE Marketing Manager is a complete CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system hosted in an SaaS (Software as a Service) environment. Because this system is hosted using cloud computing technology, you are ensured to have access to your database from anywhere, anytime.

How can JASE Marketing Manager benefit your organization?

  • Our analytic tools provide marketing reporting in real-time.
  • Our system encourages your team to work collaboratively and as one within the cloud computing environment.
  • Our toolsets enhance lead nurturing throughout the sales process.
  • You can setup follow-on reminders, track appointments stemmed from leads, and manage new lead alerts.
  • You can track crucial performance metrics and quickly view ROI (return on investment) reports such as conversion rates.
  • You can prioritize valuable leads and set your sales team’s focus on leads that need extra attention.
  • With the JASE creative websites plugin, webforms from your website interact in real-time with your JASE Marketing Manager.

JASE Marketing Manager is an effective software toolset for small business. Want to learn more about how JMM can make a difference for your business? Talk with JASE today.

CRMimage credit: Sean MacEntee on flickr

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