Target market is a tricky phrase in the advertising world, but in some ways it is very self-explanatory.  Your target market should be the group of consumers that need the product or service that you provide.  It’s in the fine print, however, where identifying these groups of people can become difficult.

The fine print consists of connecting the strengths of your business with the wants or needs of your potential customers. What appeals to you about your product or service does not always transfer as important to your target market.  So, identifying their likes and dislikes up front can save you many hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long run.

Creative advertising can often times be the key that separates your business from your competitors. Whether it is a well placed TV ad, a radio spot with a catchy jingle, or a viral social media campaign, correctly identifying your target market through doing your research and being able to determine how your potential customers receive your information is vital. Without this information your advertising will not be as effective in generating leads and helping your sales team convert leads to sales.

Stay tuned to the JASE Blog for the next installment of our target market series, coming next week.


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