What is the best way to say thank you to your customers? There are several options and some include handwritten notes, a quick email, or an incentive based email blast. Your customers like to be thanked so whichever method you prefer will be received well with the customer and most likely result in increased customer loyalty.

An email thank you is instant. People receive it quickly and know that you remembered their encounter and that thank you email will help keep your company on your customer’s mind. It is quick and easy to send a thank you to someone, but there is always a possibility that the email may not be opened, placed in the spam folder, or overlooked amongst the person’s other emails.

Writing a handwritten note shows the customer how much you appreciate their business.  Thank you notes stand out among bills, newspapers and letters in the mail. Sending this form of a thank you can also showcase your company’s brand with a familiar logo or image, not to mention standing out against your competition. However, it will take a few days to get to the recipient, but when they do receive the note, it will remind them of your interaction.

If you choose to send an email blast thank you, your subject line is a crucial element. You want to choose something catchy that will result in the greatest volume of business from returning customers. Because we are all consumers, we like to look for a deal when possible so offering an incentive and making it the first thing customers see can be very beneficial. The subject line, “10%OFF- Our Way of Saying Thank You!” is going to turn a few more heads than, “Thank you for Making Us Your Supplier of Choice”.  The first line struck a better balance between its intention and making a clear offer. The body of text can be tailored for each industry but the key is getting customers to open the email. Though the “thank you” is not always acknowledged or appreciated, it can help build relationships and grow your business.

Your business cannot go wrong with going the extra mile and making sure to keep customers abreast of what is going on at your company and to thank them for their business. What is your favorite way to say thank you to your customers? Leave us a comment below and let us know. 

thank you mailimage credit: @heylovedc’s on Flickr

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