US Army One Man Public Affairs ShopLet’s talk about blogging. JASE consults on Inbound Marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), link building, lead generation, social media marketing, and search engine marketing daily. And invariably the question comes up from our clients, “What is the most important item I should not neglect that will give me the most return?” The answer is … drum roll please … BLOGGING!

Not Facebook and Not Twitter

Blogging, because the content in your blog is open to the world, is the most important task you can perform in your Inbound Marketing strategy. What about Facebook, you ask? Adding cute links and photos to just Facebook has limited exposure to those 49 Facebook Fans you have. What about Twitter, you ask? Posting to just Twitter is limiting your message to just those 83 Twitter followers you have.

Millions of People Read Your Blog

When you blog, your message is there for the many millions and millions of Google, Bing, and Yahoo! searchers to find your quality content. Plus, with the JASE Social Media Marketing package each blog article you publish is automatically distributed to your Facebook Fan Page and your Twitter timeline for those connections to read also. So you get the best of all worlds.

The Silver Bullet!

Blogging is the silver bullet for getting your message out the world. Don’t miss out on the most important item that will give you the most return on your efforts. Here are a few links to help you get started blogging –

  1. Successful Blogging – Is That Your Goal for Your Small Business?
  2. 5 Ways Blogging Will Support Your Marketing Campaign
  3. 8 Tips to Help Your Blog Succeed
  4. Targeting Our Sponges – Conquering Socialgraphics
  5. Don’t Have Time to Blog? Think About These Inbound Marketing Tips

image source: the u.s. army via wikimedia

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