We’ve all heard the rumors. Pinterest is the next big thing. Everybody is using it, it’s gaining users by leaps and bounds, if you aren’t marketing on Pinterest you are missing out…Or are you? Well it all depends. The beauty of Pinterest is that it is a very visual social media site. By its own definition, Pinterest is “a content sharing service that allows members to ‘pin’ images, videos and other objects to their pinboard.” Basically, Pinterest is a digital scrapbook. Once an invite only social media site, Pinterest recently opened up its membership. So now you need to know if it should be added to your online marketing strategy. Want the quick and dirty on Pinterest? Well here we go.

Who’s getting all the pins? Survey says pinners love DIY and vivid imagery. According to a study conducted by RJMetrics, Etsy.com topped the list as the most pinned domain site. Pinboards that received copious amounts of re-pins on Etsy’s Pinterest site included: Stuff We Love, DIY Projects and Etsy Weddings. If you aren’t familiar with etsy.com they live in the crafty corner of the Web – offering buyers and sellers the opportunity to exchange handmade and vintage goods. Etsy held about three percent of the pins, followed by Google and Flickr.

Where are the ladies? Apparently they are all on Pinterest, 80 percent of pinners are female with the majority of the demographic in their 20’s and 30s. They are pinning about everything – crafts, gifts, fashion, interior design and hobbies.

If they like it they will re-pin…The majority (approximately 80 percent to be exact) of pins are re-pins. Those re-pins are basically referrals. Pinterest is a platform to generate leads and if nurtured properly those leads translate to sales. Brands share content that is of interest to their customer base. Their customer base in turn shares that content with their followers and their followers share the content, driving traffic back to the brand’s website.

Now that you have the quick and dirty, what is your company doing that would make a pinner want to frequent your virtual scrapbook? Do you have dynamic imagery that will draw your customer base back again and again? Are your Pinterest pages linked back to high, quality search engine optimized content?

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Why Are People So Addicted to Pinterest - Infographicimage credit: Methodshop.com

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