The construction industry had one constant in winning contracts for many years-being the lowest bidder. Whether the RFP came from a government office or private company, if your company was able to perform the work and your proposal was the lowest price, you got the job. Over time there has been a gradual shift towards design-build request for proposals, along with an increased importance on qualified bidders.

This shift in preference of design-build proposals over lowest bid proposals and the increased importance placed on qualified bidders has created a need for a B2B marketing strategy that did not exist in years past. Another factor increasing the importance of B2B marketing is the still struggling economy. Because the economy has not fully recovered you are seeing contractors mobilize out of their traditional service area in order to land contracts and maintain their necessary workload.

Website optimization to generate business

One of the most affordable ways your company can take advantage of B2B marketing is to optimize your website. The role your website plays for your contracting business has changed drastically over the years. To have a chance to be successful, your website should be designed to help potential customers find you, evaluate your capabilities and qualifications, and illustrate examples of your previous work. It is a worthwhile investment for your construction business to make sure your website is updated with the latest SEO techniques and that you are creating quality organic content to feed the search engines.

Two benefits of optimizing your construction company’s website

  • The more links pointing back to your website, via organic content and social media engagement, the more the search engines promote your website.
  • Out of area contractors will use the internet to look for sub-contractors or partners they need to complete a proposal. Having your website optimized will increase the chances they find and contact you.

Market your construction company’s capabilities

I mentioned this earlier, but I wanted to break out this topic and expand a little further. With higher emphasis being placed on qualified bidders, general contractors are looking for sub-contractors and partners in proposals that will help with landing the contract. A strategic B2B marketing plan helps to promote your company’s abilities and skills, so that those looking for your services will find you. The more information you have available about your construction company by way of quality informative blog posts or case studies or brochures, the more your potential customers trust your expertise in your field and are more likely to contact you.

B2B advertising and marketing have become integral parts of the construction industry. Previously, you were able to identify a clear cut list of your competitors. Today, you can have a competitor on one project and have that same company be a partner on the next project. Optimizing your company’s website helps contractors, who are looking for your services, find you. An optimized website can, potentially, create more opportunities for your company to bid projects than previously possible.

This is the first in a series of B2B Marketing articles. In the coming weeks we will look at several key areas that comprise a successful B2B marketing strategy. Future topics to include: Email Marketing, Press Releases, Radio Advertising, Industry Publications, Print Collateral, Direct Mail Advertising, Networking/Tradeshows, and Content Marketing.

Stayed tuned to the JASE blog for our next topic, email marketing, coming next week.

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