This Week in Digital Media :: volume 14, issue 20

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Can you remember Doody Calls?
While driving through the city recently, a truck passed that was painted and wrapped with company logos and colors. That’s not really an odd sighting. But what caught our attention was the cool name of the company – Doody Calls. full article >>>

Agency’s Pitch requires the Right Brain and Left Brain
In order to keep your agency in the running during the bidding process of a project, both right-brain folks and left-brain folks are equally important and must work together. One side out maneuvering the other would be catastrophic. What do I mean? full article >>>

Wouldn’t you rather have software built for YOUR needs?
Custom Applications for Your Environment – Our team can create a wide range of interactive solutions to help your organization conduct business. From an online client management system to a simple contact form, all tools we develop are customized to your exact needs. The possibilities for custom applications to satisfy your needs are endless. Let’s talk about the perfect eBusiness Solution for your organization. full article >>>

Upcoming Digital Media Seminar
Don’t miss out on this 90 minute seminar that will focus on inbound marketing and creating powerful content that will lead potential customers to you.

Inbound marketing, sometimes called online marketing, is a concept that JASE has built a foundation upon that hinges on “content, content and more content” and how to create healthy inbound links to your website or blog.

In this seminar our CEO will talk about JASE’s experiences with inbound marketing and how it can work for you. You won’t want to miss this session. registration details >>>

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