we love advertisingMr. Business Owner / Ms. Decision Maker, I feel for you – you have to wear many hats. At times you’re the accountant; at times you’re the stock boy; at times you’re the sales associate. But more importantly, at all times you have to keep your eye on the bottom line and where your next client will come from.

We used to be able to advertise by the book. If you had the budget, call in the ad agency and dial up a cool concept for a billboard, newspaper ad or even a radio spot. If you had a smaller budget, you could partner with the Yellow Pages or sponsor a Little League team.

Well, things have changed in this digital age. No one keeps the Yellow Pages book anymore when it hits their front steps. And everyone, even Grandma, is shopping online for birthday presents.

To be assured to stay ahead of your competition, your website has to shine – figuratively and literally. A creative website design is a great place to start. But you’ve also got to stay in tune with the latest in search engine optimization updates, like Google’s latest Penguin 2.0 changes. If you’re not found in the search engine results, you may as well not exist.

Did you know that most studies show that googlers today usually will not go past the first page of search results before clicking on a website’s link? Other studies say that most bingers won’t even scroll while on the first page of search results.

This type of behavior just proves how very important partnering with an SEO team that understands how the technology works, what search engine optimization strategies are right for you, and knows how your target audience behaves on the Internet. That’s where today’s smart advertising dollars are spent – through SEO and inbound marketing.

I know these new techniques sound overwhelming. But we can help you wade through the online marketing waters and come out on top. Let’s get together for a conversation and talk about what your next steps should be towards conquering this Internet beast.

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