audienceAs a small business owner, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to assume you know your target audienceyour sponges. Brand name loyalty is paramount for success in business. If a consumer looks for a particular product or service and thinks of your company to provide it, you have achieved an edge over your competitors.

Your attempt to grow or maintain that edge is a fine line that can be drastically affected by your target audience. Everything that you do to create your brand should be done with the consumer in mind.  Don’t assume the consumer will notice the subtle nuances of a new design or understand the complex information you try to share with them.

The best thing a small business owner can do is to realize that at the end of the day your target audience is not you but someone completely different from you.

For more help with defining your target audience, contact JASE today!

image credit: orkomedix on flickr


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