We all need a team of supporters behind us, whether in business or your personal life, having supporters makes it easier to reach your goals. Determine who your brand’s supporters are by understanding what the qualities of a brand advocate include.

Ragan.com reports that based on a new report, brand advocacy has risen over the past five years. The increase is probably directly linked to the increase in brand advocates having more social media power than before. The relationship between brands and consumers remain personal and according to the report, brand advocacy is a result of consumer’s desire for brands to succeed. Brand loyalty is a major part of the relationship between brands and their consumers.

How to spot your brand advocates and spread loyalty throughout your social media communities.
  • Recommend products to others: Look out for people that are recommending your brand to others through their own social media networks.
  • Educate other consumers: Like mommy bloggers, brand advocates take time to educate other consumers about the best products in the industry.
  • High social media use: Many brand advocates are constantly on their social media networks to purposely keep up with brands and other consumers.
  • Promote brands beyond online activity: True brand advocates also talk about your products within their communities beyond their social media pages.

Once you have spotted your brand advocates reward them for their loyalty.  Coupons, discounts and contest let your brand advocated know they are appreciated. Often a thank you or “shout out” to brand advocates is a great way to acknowledge their efforts.

Build your brand and grow your community of brand advocates. Contact JASE and create a branding strategy that will place your brand in a successful place on social media communities and offline. 

JASEimage credit: by JASE Group on flickr

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