I wrote an article a couple of weeks ago equating your landing page to Major League Baseball’s closing pitcher position. Well a recent study published from Marketing Sherpa shows that of nearly 3,000 polled marketers, 92% felt that a dedicated landing page is at least somewhat effective.


A dedicated landing page is a page on your website created specifically for an ad campaign or other targeted medium. The landing page could be linked to from your blog, a social community, or any inbound marketing or outbound marketing initiative that you may be running.


If you’re a small business and you only direct your viewers to the same landing page or just your home page, there’s a pretty good chance you are not capitalizing on your entire lead generation capability. And you are definitely cutting off the ability to measure the success of your ad campaign.

When an organization is running variety of advertising media, you should create a landing page dedicated to that particular channel. The content of the landing page should best relate to the viewer at the time and should clearly define their next course of action without making the viewer have to question whether or not they are in the right place or looking at the right information.

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image credit: jzawodn on flickr

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