Google search engine users may be noticing some different search suggestions when they use Google and are logged into their Google accounts. Google has recently started promoting Google+ content instead of pay-per-click ads, if there are no PPC ads to promote. These suggestions are made when a search user is logged into his/her Gmail, Google+, or YouTube accounts.

JASE wanted to see the degree to which Google’s promotion of Google+ content would impact PPC advertising. We work very hard to keep our PPC ad campaigns above the fold, so we ran our own internal testing to see what exactly was happening with search results.

In two comparative searches among many, we tested “inbound marketing” and “JASE Group” to see how Google promoted Google+ content. In the search for “inbound marketing” the expected PPC advertisements were present in both Google search results logged into Google+ and search results not logged into Google+.

The search for “JASE Group” is where we noticed the big impact. The search completed while not logged into Google+ yielded no impact from PPC ads or Google+ content suggestions. However, when logged into Google+, there was a complete profile of JASE Group with the most recently posted content from JASE Group in the traditional location of PPC ads.


A business cannot afford to not have a profile on Google+ for search scenarios where people are looking for a business. If the Google searcher is logged into his or her Google accounts, the suggestion may be to content that is not in your control. In other words, if you have a Google+ profile for your business, your Google+ profile will be suggested to the searcher looking for your business. From a branding standpoint and from a reputation stand point, could you afford to take that chance of not controlling the content displayed in search results with your business?

We will continue to monitor the impact of Google+ suggestions on PPC advertising. Want to know how Google will impact your inbound marketing strategy? Contact JASE and let’s talk. As always, please feel free to share this article with friends.

JASE Google Screen Capimage credit: JASElabs on flickr


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