Illustration about new internet generation web2.0Since last week’s release of Internet Explorer 9, reaction in the blogosphere has been pretty overwhelmingly positive. has an outstanding review. performed two benchmark tests – in both of them, IE9 blew IE8 out of the water and in one of them, it blew away all other browsers.

MSDN gives a lengthy list of new features in IE9 from a developer point of view.

There are numerous CSS enhancements, for instance, one of our favorites is the coming standardization of the border-radius attribute.  This attribute allows for rounded edges of display elements.  It has long been supported in Firefox as the non-standard “-moz-border-radius” (though starting with Firefox 4, it will use the standard name there, too).  It is also supported on Safari.  The box below will show up as rounded in Firefox, IE9, or your iPhone, but will be rectangular on older versions of IE.

border-radius:10px 20px 50px 0;
-moz-border-radius: 0 50px 50px 0;
border: solid blue 1px;
padding: 30px;

A second favorite improvement is the updated developer tools section.  Introduced with IE8, the developer tools provide various debugging and testing functionality.  IE9 adds a new “network” tab that allows you to see what content is loaded for a page and check for files that are taking longer than they should to load.

What is your favorite new feature in IE9?  Let us know in your comments below.

Illustration credit: Peter Welleman

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