Business Pages For Google+? It's coming - Will It Be Better Than Facebook Fan Pages?

The early field trial of Google+ is out and users are quick to offer their early opinions on what this beta version does, but noticeably missing from the field trial are accounts for businesses. This promoted many early responders to question whether or not Google was going to incorporate businesses, brands, and organizations into their new social community.

According to Bradley Horowitz, one of the Chief Architects of Google+:

Let me be clear – and I’m sorry if this wasn’t obvious – we are not currently supporting brands, organizations, and non-human entities in the Google+ field trial. While we should have been clearer about this, there are some fields in the registration form (asking for a first name, a last name, an age and a gender) that indicate that.

Supporting these non-human entities is an obviously great feature – we have no allergy to it at all! It’s just not part of the system we are currently testing.

The field trial has limitations that I know are frustrating – ranging from lack of “obvious” features to inability to invite the people you most want to share with… We weren’t kidding when we said this was early and a test… and if the product leads to more frustration than you can bear, then that’s understandable and I promise that you will see fast and meaningful progress… and you can jump back in when we meet your bar for minimum viable functionality.

The interesting thought that we generated from this statement was that perhaps Google+ is waiting to see what response it receives from the field trial before integrating business features. Consequently, how Google+ integrates business could catapult them ahead of their competitors, ah hem Facebook, if they better connect the business and personal communities.

For businesses where SEO and inbound marketing are huge parts of their lead generation, properly integrating business presences could be exponentially huge.

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image credit: brionv on flickr

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  1. Bruce Bates

    Ironically google was lying. Read this:

    • Digital Media Team

      Seems that again technology moves faster than even quotes can be quoted straight from the horse’s (Google’s) mouth. Thanks for the update, Bruce.

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