2012 will see Microsoft release Windows 8 and to compliment the new operating software, Microsoft has revealed that it will be making some major changes to its Windows Phone 8. In an effort to better integrate Windows 8 with new smartphones, Microsoft will look to expand support for four different screen resolutions, multi-core processors, and removable microSD cards.

Microsoft is attempting to keep most of the features of the new Windows Phone 8 internal for the time being, but one report has Microsoft making major strides in near-field communication. In other words, Microsoft may be taking the lead on the “wallet experience” allowing for mobile payments, and the sharing of content with PCs and tablets.

Many of the features of the new Window Phone 8 will surely be revealed as we slowly approach its release date. There is no doubt, though, that we will see a major push from Microsoft to sync Windows 8 with Windows Phone 8 to increase user experience and options, and to improve in the smartphone race. Will it be enough?

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Windows Phoneimage credit: bobfamiliar on flickr

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