Don’t sweat so much what millennials think. Don’t worry so much what baby-boomers think. Get out there and put your name in the public for ALL of them to see. Brand awareness and brand trust is imperative.

Live there, man. Get your message out. Don’t sit behind your desk and wonder why your competition is kickin’ your butt. Get out there and live in the communities.

You might ask, why would I say that to business owners and decision-makers? Wouldn’t that intrigue them enough to not bring business to JASE? Well, yes, and no. Most business owners don’t have time to do what we’re talking. Most business owners don’t have the expertise, the drive, or the focus to do what JASE brings to the table.

So, in those cases, JASE is their team. JASE is the experienced creative team with the social acumen to make things happen and bring results.

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