Word Lens, a mobile app for the iPhone, from creators Otavio Good and John DeWeese is well on the way to changing international communication. Imagine being anywhere in the world and being able to communicate all with the help of only your smartphone. Word Lens is making this a possibility with their app. Just scan the words you are looking to translate and your iPhone does it automatically right there in front of you, into the language of your choice. Check out this video to see more:

Naturally, a product of this magnitude would open options for social media and inbound marketing. If everyone adopted this technology then it would allow for another medium of advertising, think QR codes on steroids.

Would a global adoption of this application make our world more connected? What benefit would arise from this evolution in technology? Tweet us @jasegroup and let us know. Want more information on Word Lens? Subscribe to our blog and we’ll bring you more information as it becomes available.

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