We would love to have you as a writing partner. Our blog is the perfect place for you to show off your talents, talk about your passions, and spread the word about your company.

As you already know, our JASE team members write about a variety of topics on the JASE Inbound Marketing & Advertising Agency blog including Inbound Marketing, Creative Advertising, Technology, Social Media and related hot topics of the day. If you are interested in writing, we encourage you to drift through these environments but we welcome most all business-related subjects that our readers would be interested in.

In general, How-To articles and Top 5 lists are very popular.

There are many reasons to guest blog:

  • Blogging to our audience can give you exposure you would not normally get.
  • Because we allow you to create hyperlinks, your website would gain valuable credit with Google, Bing and Yahoo!
  • Our social community is the ideal environment to inspire new readers and possibly establish new business partnerships.

If you think you have an article, or just an idea for an article, that would fit in well on our blog, please read the JASE Guest Blogging Program guidelines and fill out the contact form here. We would love to hear from you.

Writer L. Frank Baum, writing with penimage credit: wikimedia.org

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