In 2010 Yahoo purchased Associated Content and at that time the Associated Content website was responsible for publishing 10,000 new pieces of content per week.  Since Google launched its Panda SEO update earlier this year, 66% of the content that was posted on Associated Content’s website has noticed a significant decline in Google traffic. As a result, Yahoo announced that it is cleaning up its Associated content site by “retiring” 75,000 articles that have been written. Yahoo plans to keep the top content created over the last 7 years and move those articles to its new site, Yahoo! Voices.

Google was losing market share and revenue to competing search engines because its users were being overloaded with spam content, so its hand was forced to create Panda in an effort to recapture its fleeting advertising stream. The intent was to eliminate spam mills that bogged down the effectiveness of search, but the casualty of war was that sites like Associated Content also suffered substantial losses from the new search formula.

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  4. Alex

    With time I began to understand that Panda project is a nice thing. From one side it made adverse effect on marketing, but from another it made bloggers and site owners to improve their web content. Therefore the users will enjoy quality content without facing shallow information.

    • JASE Team

      We definitely agree with your assessment, Alex. Quality content, original content, can only be good for Internet searchers no matter what angle you choose to analyze.

      • Alex

        Well, but how do you think, what will be left for programming part if everything now depends on content quality? As I assumed the role of SEO as a technical part will come up to scratch.

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