social media in educationIn an article published this week, a new survey conducted recently shows that more than 30 percent of college faculty are using social media at the work place and that more than 80 percent of them use some in their teachings.

The evolution of social media as a medium of communication has now reached the pinnacle of our educational system, as doctors and professors alike have realized the ability to reach their students must be adaptive.  Educators have taken to requiring their students to read posted content from their teachers to viewing particular social media and requiring students to post comments.

These are tools at the disposal of the educators at all levels and social media must be incorporated in the daily education as a means of bridging the gap with today’s youth.

For more information on social media or how it can be properly integrated with education please contact JASE Digital Media today.

image credit: james clay

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  1. Dawn Boyer

    It’s also amazing how many local colleges and universities are not yet 1) adapting it to the richest extent, and 2) teaching classes on this to gain more students (and tuition).

    • Digital Media Team

      Understanding how long it takes to get anything into the curriculum, it almost makes sense. I can also see many stuffy shirts still hanging on the “fad” lore.

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