The starting point for any business as it begins its advertising efforts is to identify and research the target demographic and socialgraphic.

Do you know where your potential customers reside?  Are they online or offline or both?  Do you know their ages?  Do you know their income?  Do you know how they research your product or service?

Looking at your current customers and analyzing your service area will assist in helping you answer these questions and define your areas of advertising concentration. JASE believes that there is no second chance at making a good first impression when it comes to advertising. There is a limited amount of time online and offline for advertisers to grab the attention of consumers.

Know your target market

Do your research. Being able to determine who your potential customers are and how they receive your information is vital. Without this information your advertising campaign could be misguided. Knowing where your potential customers are and what content to supply them with at each point in the sales funnel increases the chance you will convert that lead into a sale. A prominent example of this methodology would be a potential customer that is new to your product and looking for more information about your product. If you greet them with content that is designed for a consumer that is ready to purchase your product, it could be a potential turn-off.

Depending on the size of your marketing and sales departments your business can analyze your previous sales data and analyze current industry marketing trends. If your business is currently not equipped to handle this in-house, your business can partner with a proven marketing agency to determine what advertising campaigns would bring maximum ROI.

Stay tuned to the JASE Blog for the next installment of our series on target market, coming next week.

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